At Whoosh, we love eating, we love cooking! When we are not eating or not cooking,
we think about food, we dream about food - Thai & Vietnamese food.
So have you eaten yet? Let's eat together!

Street Food Café

Whoosh's Street Food Cafe opened in February 2013 – offering a fresh selection of Thai & Vietnamese street food freshly cooked on site everyday. Whoosh's street food is all about fresh, healthy, spontaneous and delicious fast food served in a casual setting or also ideal as food on-the-go. Sit in or to go.

Event Catering

Whoosh started as an event catering business in 2008 and has been catering for a wide variety of corporate and private events across Northern Ireland. If you are organising an event and looking for an eating experience that will be remembered by all your guests, talk to us!

Delicious Food

Our unique menu is made up of a blend of Thai, Lao and Vietnamese foods that offer a great balance of delicate flavours and textures to give you all the enjoyment of great food as well as a healthy diet. The dishes featured on our menu are light, fresh, low in fat but above all – cooked from the heart.

When We're Open

Monday:11.30 - 5.30
Tuesday:11.30 - 5.30
Wednesday:11.30 - 5.30
Thursday:11.30 - 5.30
Friday:11.30 - 8.00 (Yay! - later)
Saturday:11.30 - 5.30
Sunday:Aww, we're closed,
sorry... but maybe you'd like instant noodles?

Where We Are

Bell House Lane,
The Diamond, Coleraine
Just between Next and what was the First Trust Bank

Contact Us

3 Bell House Lane,
The Diamond, Coleraine,
BT52 1ED